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Our purpose is to connect with the world
through a non profit religious organization’s activities and concerns for the
community of God!


“It shall be the purpose of this convention to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. more specifically, the purpose of this convention is to plan, develop, conduct. promote and engage in Christian ministries & the Ministers’ Council."


The objectives of the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention (MPBC) are as follows:

  1. To promote, maintain and superintend, in accordance with the Constitution, acts and rulings of the Convention.

  2. To give expression to the opinions of its constituency upon moral, religious and ecclesiastical matters.

  3. To organize, establish, and maintain churches, schools, summer camps, homes for the aged and agencies for promoting, teaching, propagating and disseminating the faith and doctrine of its constituency, and for training persons for these purposes

  4. To organize, establish, promote, maintain and carry-on social service and welfare guidance agencies

  5. To establish, support and maintain office headquarters, houses for printing, publishing and disseminating literature; such as newsletter and works of religion

  6. To promote the spiritual welfare of all churches and endeavors of the Convention

  7. To administer the property, business and other temporal affairs of the Convention; and to solicit from constituent churches those funds necessary to do the work of the Convention.

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